K. Nowicki 2007

Zum Vortrag von

Dr. habil. Krzysztof Nowicki

Settlement Pattens in LM/LH IIICPG Crete and Other South Aegean Islands

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K. Nowicki, "The Final Neolithic (Late Chalcolithic) to Early Bronze Age Transition in Crete and the Southeast Aegean Islands: Changes in Settlement Patterns and Pottery", in: V. Isaakidou – P. D. Tomkins (Hrsg.), Escaping the Labyrinth. The Creatan Neolithic in Context, Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology 8 (Oxford 2008), S. 201–228.


K. Nowicki, "Settlement in crisis: The end of the LM/LH IIIB and early IIIC in Crete and other south Aegean islands", in: A. Mazarakis Ainian (Hrsg.), The "Dark Ages" Revisited. Acts of an International Symposium in Memory of William D. E. Coulson. University of Thessaly, Volos, 1417 June 2007 I, (Volos 2011), S. 435450.